The Green Revolution

LILI is a 3rd Generation Crypto Currency which offers Instant and Anonymous Transactions. Our main goal is to develop first UNIVERSAL cryptocurrency which will be used by everyone around the world.

LILI offers Fast, Anonymous and Secure transactions which are almost free. We want to make LILI easy accessible and easy to use for everyone. LILI has great potential for rapid growth and expansion.

LILI will become easy accessible to buy or sell on the most popular exchanges platforms in the world.
Why LILI is better ?

LILI - The Green Revolution

LILI is the new cryptocurrency based on QUARK algorithm and InstantSend technology, we called LILI green because LILI does not need huge computing power to operate like Bitcoin, LILI will use POS method + Masternodes, so every user who has LILICoins on their wallet will receive free coins by securing LILI network, more LILI Coins on your wallet you have, more free coins you will receive.

No more waiting for first confirmation - LILI is using innovative InstantSend technology, so you no need to wait xx minutes like in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for first confirmation...your transaction using InstantSend Technology is confirmed instantly !

LILICoin - Features

Why choose LILICoin

Look on below features !


No more waiting for first confirmation, InstantSend Technology will allow to get first confirmation in seconds


Security you can rely on! LILINetwork is secured by miners and masternode servers hosted around the world!


PrivateSend technology keep you anonymous when you are sending payments. So you can be sure you are anonymous


Masternodes help keep integrity of the network and enable support for PrivateSend and InstantSend

Difficulty Retargeting

Difficulty retarget using Dark Gravity Wave.

Windows-MAC-Linux-Mobile Wallets

You can use LILI on the most popular operating systems, also on Mobile Devices


LILI Network

Coin Supply
Current Block

Wallets Download

Windows 32/64Bit

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Soon will be available

  • Q1 2018

    Website Launch

    Windows,Linux Wallet Release

    MAC Wallet Release (In progress)

    Exchange Listings 2 / 5 (In progress)

    Listing on Coinmarketcap(In progress)

    Listing on Masternodes online services

  • Q2 2018


    Release the LILI Masternode Hosting Service

    Mobilet Wallet

    First Online Store accepting LILICoins as a payment method

    SocialMedia Advertising Campaign

  • Q3 2018

    ZeroCoin - strong anonymous protocol implementation

    More Online Stores accepting LILICoins as a payment method